Our white color is shipped in a white retail pack with the convenient, punch-out area.

An innovative microfiber, MicroSpun has fibers 200 times finer than traditional microfiber. The ultra-fine fibers mean more fibers to grab germs. In fact, an independent lab verified that our MicroSpun towels grab over 99% viruses and bacteria using just water to clean!

Can be laundered dozens of times. Like all microfiber towels, do not use hot water or put in a hot dryer because that can affect the effectiveness of the fibers. Instead dry on low heat and avoid using a dryer sheet.

Perfect for cleaning glass, mirrors, bathroom fixtures, polished brass, stainless steel, and all painted surfaces. 

For other MicroSpun colors, check out our flat packs or the gray MicroSpun made from recycled plastic bottles.

Click here to view our MicroSpun training video.