Right Choice™ microfiber towels provide virtually lint-free and streak-free drying.  Use wet or dry.

Microfiber is made when synthetic fibers are split and then spun back together. This creates thousands of tiny fissures that grab and hold dirt more effectively than cotton fibers. Our environmentally friendly towels are approved for use by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

They require less water and cleaning chemicals than traditional cotton towels, and these towels are more absorbent as well (holding up to seven times their weight in water). Our towels’ lighter weight will reduce worker fatigue and increase productivity.  They launder well and are safe on delicate surfaces. Please wash with warm water, and air or tumble dry on low to avoid damaging the microfibers with high heat.

Reduce cross contamination with color-coded cleaning. Please select from the drop-downs below to customize colors and sizes.