Food Service Towels

Food Service towels are multi-use, long-lasting wipes that are perfect for food preparation and restaurants. The aperture pattern helps to pick up food particles and increase absorbency. They will hold up to most cleaning solutions and can be rinsed and reused for an added value. Color code to avoid cross-contamination.

  • A white dinner napkin is perfect for any lunch, brunch or dinner. The DRC material provides an easy disposable napkin that is both absorbent and durable. Sold in flat sheets. Silverware not included.
  • Dual texture towels are a great option when you need to gently scrub away build-up without damaging underlying surfaces. Use the coarse texture side to scrub off biofilm, milkstone, and carbon. For industrial cleaning, the aperture texture is ideal to trap debris such as grease, grime and contaminants. Finish with the smooth side for polishing. The rougher side will not damage underlying surfaces so this is a great option for stainless equipment and tables.
  • These professional, high quality food service towels are color coded to reduce the risk of contamination.  Our heavy weight towels are durable and can be rinsed and reused for added value.  The strong aperture grid pattern helps pick up food particles and grime. Use for front or back of the house cleaning of food prep areas, bar and tables.  
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