Dry Non-woven Wipes

Dry Wipes (Click here for a chart on how to choose the best wiper)

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DRC: Multiple use and general purpose wiper with a cloth like feel and excellent absorbency.
Polypropylene: Low lint and perfect for absorbing inks, acids, solvents and oils.
ProKnit hydrospun: Leading replacement for shop towels to absorb water, solvents and oil based liquids. Excellent wet strength. Latex free and resistant to solvents.
Scrim: Multi-layer low lint tissue with reinforcement for added durability. Low lint and good wet strength so popular for windows.
Spunlace: Very low lint, solvent resistant, abrasion resistant and excellent tensile strength.
Spunlace Plus: Excellent absorbency. Combines the wet strength of Spunlace with a softer feel.