Supply chain problems are all over the news. The erratic supply chain makes it hard to fill orders.  Demand for cleaning is up. Jan/San just-in-time approaches have caused huge stock outages. Everyone is frustrated.

We can help with your Jan/San needs. Bro-Tex stocked up on materials and we are ready to ship!

Cold and flu season is not the time to run out of disinfecting wipes. Did you know that the Flu virus can stay on surfaces for up to 2 days?

We offer 4 sizes of Fresh Start® Disinfecting Wipes in stock.  EPA registered on List N so you know it works.  Kills SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 Virus) in just 30 seconds.  Kills 99.9% of germs. We have lots of other kill claims so contact us. Plus, you can feel good that the wipes are free of alcohol, bleach and solvents.

Prefer to make your own wet wipes on site?

Our popular Solution Wipes® reusable containers and dry disposable rolls let you make custom wet wipes.  You can choose the type of material for cleaning and sanitizing liquids such as bleach or QUAT. One benefit is that the closed buckets and canisters avoid the VOC issues that may occur with open buckets.

Disposable wipes work like cloth at a lower price and less possibility of contamination.

Disposable wipes avoid spreading germs. An American Journal of Infection Control  study showed that 93% of “laundered” hospital microfibers still have microbes. Other studies have demonstrated contaminants and metal fragments still in “washed” cloth shop towels. Contact us about our wide variety of nonwoven wipes. Great for spray and wipe applications!

  • DRC soft, general purpose wipes with great absorbency. Substantial recycled content.
  • New Spunlace Plus wipes with good strength and great absorbency
  • Hydrospun Pro-Knit Wipes to replace shop towels
  • Spunlace wipes with excellent strength both wet and dry
  • Low-lint Scrim wipes with nylon webbing between layers of tissue for added strength

Need hand and tool wet wipes to get rid of grease and oil?

We have three types in stock- the original dual-texture Orange Peels®, the stronger Orange Peels® Plus and the new value product OP Heavy Duty Wipes.

We hear that cotton rags are in tight supply for many people.

Call us for new, 100% cotton, gray knit rags in 10 pound, 25 pound and 50 pound boxes. Great for painting, staining and maintenance.

Started in 1923, Bro-Tex is a converter and wholesaler that works with businesses. We also offer private label options.

Contact us at 1.800.328.2282 or and let us supply your cleaning and absorbing needs.