Solution Wipes® Custom Wet Wipes – Dry Wipes for Canister

Solution Wipes® Custom Wet Wipes – Dry Wipes for Canister

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A great solution for your cleaning needs- build your own wet wipe system. Avoid unsanitary and hazardous issues with the old open bucket and towel approach. Just add your own sanitizer, bleach, solvent, or alcohol.  This system minimizes VOC’s and reduces cost from using spray bottles.  The other great part is that you have more uniform application.  The canister is reusable so you can order only dry wipes or dry wipes and also the canister (item number 23928)

Which wipe to choose? Click here for a flyer of all the sizes and materials. Meltblown polypropylene dry rolls are low lint and ideal for use with most solvents, acids, chemical, sanitizers, bleach, grease and oil. ProKnit is great for tough jobs and works with solvents and bleach. Use the white spunlace for solvents and alcohol, while the poly/rayon Spunlace works well for sanitizers and bleach. Orange Dual Texture works for sanitizers and bleach, but has the extra benefit of both a rough and a smooth side.

Non-porous surface sanitizing.
Surface preparation.
Maintenance cleaning.
Removing  lubricants and transport coatings.
Delivering lubricants.

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Meltblown Polypropylene, Poly-Rayon Spunlace, ProKnit 75000, ProKnit 76000, White Spunlace


Rolls for canister




Build Your Own Wet Wipe System

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