Orange Peels® line of wet wipes clean tough projects

  • No water is needed – your hands will be clean without rinsing after dirty jobs.
  • Wipes lock in dirt and will not transfer soils back onto hands.
  • Our versatile wet towels have so many uses for your facility, vehicle, garage or home.
  • Remove grease, break dust, tar, ink, paint, caulk, permanent marker, wax, scuffs, duct tape, fresh paint, food, drinks, pet stains, bathroom soap scum, bird poop and more.
  • Clean metal, tools, walls, vinyl, upholstery, leather, counter tops, tile, cabinets, tubs, boats, garden equipment and more.
  • Easy to use.
  • Gentle on hands
  • Keep in your vehicle or maintenance cart for cleaning hands and tools anytime, anywhere!
  • Our industrial and Jan/San customers like Orange Peels or the stronger formula Orange Peels Plus for dual texture wipes. The rough side grabs and holds dirt, and then you can do a final wipe with the smooth side.
  • The new OP Heavy Duty wipes provide a value option with an effective, single texture wipe.
20106 Orange Peels 10″ x 12″ Dual Texture 70/canister 6 cans/case 72
20196 New OP Heavy Duty Wipes 10″ x 12″ White Single Texture 90/canister 6 cans/case 72
20216 Orange Peels Plus* 10″ x 12″ Dual Texture 70/canister 6 cans/case 72

Powerful formula – Not for sale in California.

Test on inconspicuous area of surface to make sure the finish is not affected.

Orange Peels® is part of our full wet wipes line.

  • If you prefer to disinfect a surface, contact us about our Fresh Start® Disinfecting Wipes which kill Sars-CoV-2 (COVID-19 Virus) in just 30 seconds
  • If you are looking for a value option, you can create your own wet wipes on site by using our dry wipes and your own QUAT, bleach, solvent, or other chemical solution. Choose either the Solution Wipes® bucket or canister with your dry wipe.