Microfiber Cloths Are a Popular Cleaning Tool

Microfibers rags and cloths have been around over a decade, and are a big improvement over old cloth rags which just pushed gunk around. They have become a popular cleaning tool for professionals and homeowners. Let’s explore why they are so popular and how to care for your microfiber.

What are the Advantages of Using Microfiber Cloths and Right Rags™?

First, microfiber cloths are virtually lint-free, streak-free and will not scratch delicate surfaces so you will like using them for windows, mirrors, delicate surfaces, granite, stainless steel, wood, and electronics.

Second, they clean really well with or without chemicals. The gentle abrasion removes dried particles so you can remove grime, grease, germs or icky globs without spray chemicals (which saves money so that is a nice benefit). You can often clean with just water because the tiny fibers will grab the particles and bacteria on hard surfaces.

Third, they are really absorbent.  Many microfiber towels can absorb 7 times their weight in water so it is a great choice to clean up spills or dry off a wet car.

Fourth, the microfiber towels and rags dry quickly. If you wipe smudges with Right Rags™ Microfiber Cloths dampened with water, they air-dry quickly unlike cloth rags which sit wet for hours.

Finally, microfiber can also be effective if used dry so dust away! No need to go back over surfaces with a paper towel to dry the surface.

What Makes Microfibers Work?

Right Rags™ microfiber and other microfiber cloths are made of thousands of tiny microfibers which are smaller than a strand of silk. These millions of small fibers lift and hold dirt, dust, grease, grime, liquids and bacteria until they are washed. These fibers include both positive-charged polyester fibers and negative-charged nylon fibers that actually attract and pull up whatever is on the surface you’re cleaning.

Tips to Make Microfiber Cloths More Effective

  • Microfibers work great to set up a color-coded cleaning program such as red for bathrooms, blue for glass/mirrors and green where food is handled. Right Rags 12” x 12” microfiber cloths are value priced and come in 50-count  pop-up boxes. Available in 4 colors, Right Rags offers a starter pack with one blue, one red, one yellow and one green box. The Right Choice™ microfiber terry towels are larger and offer more colors like pink and black.
  • Launder your microfiber rags regularly after use. Microfiber usually lasts longer than cotton. One study indicated microfiber rags can be washed over 75 times.
  • Wash microfibers with other microfibers. Microfiber rags are charged and will pick up lint and hair from other items in the wash which can make them less effective.
  • Do not use fabric softener on microfiber because it can gunk up those important fibers that hook dirt.
  • Avoid bleach.
  • Do not use hot water or a hot dryer! Washing in hot water sounds like you are being hygienic but in fact you may cause those thousands of tiny fibers to fuse together and they won’t work well to “hook” and grab dirt and bacteria in the future.

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