Are you still using rental shop towels?
When you rent shop towels you choose a supplier, have frequent deliveries of fresh “laundered” towels, and finally, a quick process of handing off the dirty towels for washing. The process seems logical. Unfortunately, Rental Shop Towels are actually less safe, less eco-friendly, more expensive, and are not as well suited for customized use.
Hidden Fees
There may be hidden fees with your rental towels. Launderers often assume you will lose or damage 10% of towels and therefore, automatically tack on fees to cover these costs. They may also add on additional fees to cover their waste management costs. Some charge you for inventory levels, not actual usage, so you may be overpaying.Residue
Rental Shop Towels are generally cotton towels. When cleaning with Rental Shop Towels, residue is often left, which creates quality issues. The residue or left-over lint can be harmful on sensitive equipment.Industrial wipers are made from paper or pulp fibers, nonwoven fabrics, or recycled woven textiles. Even laundered shop towels can often have harsh chemicals, lead or small metal shavings that can cut or cause skin rashes. With non-woven wipers, you can choose to reuse a wiper or take a new and clean wipe every time.

Environmental Impact
According to the U.S. EPA, industrial laundries discharge more than 13 million pounds of hazardous containments such as lead, toluene, xylene, zinc and other heavy metals into the public water system every year. The contaminants can cause cancer and kill aquatic life. Additionally, 25% of the public sewage treatment plants responded to a EPA survey saying their facilities are clogged and damaged by these substances, which is a tax payer burden. This shop towel system could easily be replaced with disposable non-woven wipers.

Wipers for Your Needs
Industrial wipers are customizable for every industry and company. Bro-Tex offers a wide variety of products, each with different lint levels, absorbency or abrasion resistance. This ensures you are getting the wiper that will satisfy what you need for your business.

Finally, industrial wipers are easier to store efficiently. Shop towels can be bulky and require large amounts of storage space. Industrial wipers are a thinner yet absorbent material so they require less space. Our wipes come in several different packaging options for easy dispensing to increase worker productivity.To see our top selling nonwoven wipers to replace your shop towels click here.