Industries Served

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Industries Served

Bro-Tex offers a wide variety of paper and cloth wipers, wet wipes, absorbents, towels and more. We provide over 25 different types of paper/non woven materials which are converted into stack pack, quarter fold, Dispense Pro, Center Flo, large rolls, canister and bucket packaging options.

Whatever industry you work in, we can customize products to fit your cleaning needs.

From prepping to detailing to drying, Bro-Tex offers products for all sections of the automotive industry.

Autobody & Collision Repair:  We provide a variety of low lint materials for paint preparation, glass cleaning and clean-up.

Car Wash: Check out our MicroSpun towels with microfilament, microfiber, terry and huck cotton towels for the perfect wash and dry every time.

Repair & Maintenance:  A full line of grease and oil absorbing wipes as well as low lint items for sensitive engine and transmission work.

Cleaning & Detailing: We have cotton, traditional microfiber, Microspun and specialty non-wovens for a great shine.

For restaurants and food preparation, the proper food service wipers are a must. In food service, cross contamination is a serious risk. Color-coded disposable wipers reduce that health risk and ensure a more hygienic environment.

In addition to our specific food service wipes, check out Bro-Tex DRC and ProKnit hydro-entangled wipers. They are durable and absorbent to clean up the toughest messes. If a wet wipe is needed, consider our build-your-own Solution Wipes (add your own sanitizer, bleach, or detergent to the appropriate dry wiper) and dual texture Orange Peel wipes.

Bro-Tex is now pleased to offer dual textured towels for stainless steel. The towels are great for gently scrubbing away build-up on stainless steel without damaging underlying surfaces. The aperture pattern is ideal for picking up small pieces of food.

In the healthcare field, removing harmful germs and bacteria is a serious task.

  • Bro-Tex offers MicroFiber and MicroSpun wipers that can remove 99.9% of bacteria without the use of harmful chemicals.
  • Our line of Solution Wipes are build-your-own wiping systems. Just add your own bleach, QUAT sanitizer, or other cleaning solution to dry wipes in the bucket or canister.  We manufacture different substrates to be compatible with your solution. It makes it easier than ever before to customize your cleaning routine for different uses. 

For industrial cleaning, pick a strong, durable and absorbent wiper to get the job done right. Check out our selection of non woven wipers and wet wipes. Filters for durability, absorbency and other characteristics are provided on the Bro-Tex product category pages to help your search.

Whether you need strength, durability, disposability, reusability or great value, we have a wiper to meet your Janitorial and Sanitary needs. There are filters provided on the product category pages to narrow your options, but we have so many great products for JanSan that it would be overwhelming to list them all. Please call us if you need help to guide you to the best products for your application.

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