Cleaning and disinfecting has never been more important than during this Coronavirus outbreak. The challenge is that the materials are often in short supply.

Generally, the best practices for dealing with any infectious outbreaks are to clean first, then sanitize and disinfect.  On, microbiologist Heidi Wilcox, who works in the commercial cleaning industry, says she “has collected a lot of data that shows if we clean and remove up to 90 percent of soils and pathogens on a surface, we can then kill the last 10 percent — which is important — with an effective less-toxic sanitizer or disinfectant” than if you did not clean first.

With the huge surge in the need for disinfecting products, it is important to use disinfecting wipes and chemicals as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Consider stretching your disinfecting products by not using them in the cleaning step.

For the first cleaning step, you could use products with no sanitizers and disinfectant to clean glass, windows, stainless, hard surfaces and floors.  We recommend that you consider DRC wipes for this first cleaning step. The most popular general purpose wipe, DRC is both highly absorbent and has a soft, cloth-like feel.

For sanitizing and disinfecting step, you can several options to fight COVID19 and other infectious diseases.  You can use Fresh start Disinfecting Wet Wipes or Solution Wipes dry pull-up rolls where you add your own chemicals such as hydrogen peroxides, quaternary ammonium compounds or chlorine bleach.  You can also use Scrim, ProKnit, Spunlace and DRC folded and flat wipes with spray disinfectants. These flat and folded wipes are more available during this time of huge demand for cleaning materials.