Benefits of Wipers

Bro-Tex Customized Wiping

While many customers order cloth towels and rags from BroTex, our non-woven wipes are great choices for absorbing and wiping grime, dirt, liquids, oils, solvents and spills. These provide an excellent replacement for rental towels. Nonwoven wipes are a clean and safe towel every time unlike laundered towels which often can be contaminated.

Wipers are made from paper or pulp fibers, nonwoven fabrics, or recycled woven textiles. Although sometimes referred to as disposable wipers, we can guide you to wipers than can withstand days of heavy use.

BroTex offers a wide variety of materials to meet specific wiping needs for your job while achieving the balance between product life and cost. Please use the filters on the Non Woven page to help guide you to benefits such as absorbency, low lint, ultra low lint, solvent resistant, scratch resistant, and high durability.