When it comes to maintaining a clean office or work space environment, the right tools can make all the difference.  As someone who has been in the wiping business for 60 years, I often get asked, “how do we know what wipes to use out of the hundreds on a website.”

People often make the mistake of using rolls and rolls of paper towels to clean the break room or elevators or electronics.  The problem with paper towels is lint residue and they are not very absorbent. Cleaning companies know that you need the right nonwoven wiper or towel to get the job done well. Nonwoven wipers are a fabric-like material made from fibers bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment for added durability and absorbency.

Here are my recommendations:

What do I need if I just need an everyday wipe?

The Bro-Tex DRC and DRC Plus fit the bill.  This wipe’s cloth-like feel and impressive wet strength and durability can tackle most of your general cleaning chores. They are also great to have on hand to quickly absorb a variety of spills that can occur in the work space. Many people use them in the break room for a disposable napkin.

What if I am worried about my cloths leaving a residue?

To clean your windows and mirrors and other glass surfaces that need to be lint-free, Scrim reinforced tissue wipers are a great choice. The wipes are durable and strong enough for grease and oil, yet soft enough not to scratch most surfaces.  These wipes eliminate your need to have paper towels on hand. For sensitive wiping applications, such as electronics, computers or hydraulic equipment, Spunlace wipers are an ideal selection.  These extremely low lint wipes have excellent absorbency and no chemical binders so they won’t break down when used with solvents.

I want to be more environmentally friendly and reduce the chemicals I am using – any suggestions?

A great option to eliminate your need for harsh cleaning supplies is the Bro-Tex Yellow Duster or Microfiber wipes.  These wipers are a great solution for removing dirt, dust, viruses and bacteria using only water. Perfect for schools, hospitals, clinics or other facilities where you want to reduce chemical exposure in your work space.

What if I need a versatile wiper?

Check out our ProKnit hydro-entangled wipes. They are strong enough for the toughest wiping job. It is low lint for use on glass and delicate surfaces and absorbent enough to handle the big spills.

Having the right dry wipes on hand makes cleaning jobs easier and keeps your work environment tidy and hygienic. Call or email our team so we can guide you to the right perfect solution for your business.